Ultimate Sprintcar Championship

History of the USC

The Ultimate Sprintcar Championship was the brainchild of Sydney Speedway Managing Director Steven Green and Brand Manager Steve May after discussion about the rebranding of their track championship.

“Steve and I were throwing around names for our track championship and we wanted a brand that would conjure up an emotional attachment to our sport as well as being more contemporary and enticing to the younger demographic we want to appeal to” said Steven Green.

To them the ultimate championship was bigger than a single track championship and after much discussion they agreed it aligned with the company’s plans to expand into other markets and there the concept of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship was born.

Ultimate Sprintcar Pty Ltd was then registered in February 2015.

Steve Green then discussed his concept with the Manager of Warrnambool David Mills and found that the Premier venue was interested in the championship model.

Sydney Speedway’s parent company then purchased Toowoomba Speedway and a three-track Ultimate Sprintcar Championship was established with the view to include more venues in the future.

The history making first round of the USC was held at Toowoomba Speedway on September 19 2015.

In 2016 Made Too Go Pty Ltd the parent company of Valvoline Raceway and Hi-Tec oils Speedway purchased the management rights to Murray bridge Speedway which will now host the South Australian leg of the USC. The first USC SA race will be held on October the 8th 2016, incorpaorating the Bill Wigzell battle of the Bridge.

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