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The Ultimate Sprintcar Championship today proudly took the wraps off its exciting new Television Show series on 7Mate.

Valvoline Raceway Managing Director Steven Green was delighted to announce the most comprehensive free-to-air deal in the history of his venue that will see rounds of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship from Parramatta, Toowoomba and Premier Speedway Warrnambool featured in a 26 x 30 minute series from early November 2015 until the end of April 2016.

“This is a significant day for the USC, for Valvoline Raceway, Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Toowoomba, Premier Speedway Warrnambool and for the sport of Sprintcar Racing. It’s taken some time to put to bed but the hard work will certainly be worth it. We’re going to be making some revolutionary Television for motorsport and entertainment fans in general.”

The first of the 26 episodes will air on Saturday, November 7 at 12 noon across Australia and feature a balanced blend of ‘flesh and blood and steel and wheels’.

“We Sprintcar fans know that Speedway is the greatest sport in the world but it’s time to get that message across to a much wider audience,” says Green, “and we plan to do that in a manner that breaks a lot of the previous rules attached to our sport on TV. It’s a very, very exciting time for Sprintcar Racing in this country.”

A crack team of camera operators, editing staff and on-screen personalities will comprise the nucleus of the new program known as “Ultimate Sprintcar.”

“The racing will be our focus as it always should,” Green explains, “but this program will be just as much about telling the hundreds of stories in our pit area and about the men and women behind the wheel as it will be about running the cushion. Planning for this and the strategy behind its production has been going on for several months.”

A fresh perspective on showcasing the sport is being brought to “Ultimate Sprintcar” with two young cutting edge editors being brought into the mix to work with celebrated camera operators like Richard Rowley and the established USC team.

“Right from the very start of the USC our mission has been to raise the bar for how we present Sprintcar Racing,” says Ultimate Sprintcar Producer and on-screen identity Wade Aunger, “so the TV show has to be a direct reflection and a springboard for that further promotion of our sport as an entertainment medium. With guys like our new editor Matt Eastwood, Richie Rowley, Neil Larsen, Will Liston and so many others onboard I feel confident that we’re going to make something truly memorable for 7Mate viewers this summer.”

“From somebody new like myself the sport of Sprintcar Racing is something that has some great visual elements for TV,” says editor/producer Matt Eastwood who has been brought in from ‘the outside world’ specifically for his talent and vision, “but I’ve been getting a great understanding in the last few weeks of the human element of this sport. There’s no doubt this will be a program that will appeal to many different audiences. I can’t wait to get filming started.”

Filming for Ultimate Sprintcar begins Friday September 18 with several location shoots and interviews in Brisbane and Toowoomba workshops in readiness for the USC first round kick off at Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Toowoomba Saturday night September 19.

“The show will follow the nightly battles within the USC but it will also showcase the blue ribbon events on the schedule in the Warrnambool Classic and the Scott Darley Challenge specifically. Whilst those races will be a major part of our Ultimate Sprintcar program series we plan to announce some additional exposure for those two events in particular very soon,” explains Steven Green.

More information on “Ultimate Sprintcar” on 7Mate will follow soon.

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