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36 Cars qualified for The USC Chase so far

An impressive list of 36 drivers has qualified for the various rounds of the 2016/2017 “USC Chase”.

The ‘class of 2017’ represent SA, QLD, VIC, NSW, NT, TAS and the USA.
By finishing first, second or third in their respective State USC rounds in SA, VIC, QLD and NSW they have registered their eligibility for the Chase Series that kicks off in March.

Whilst organisers are not expecting the majority of the 36 to enter the Chase in it’s entirety (several of the qualifiers have gone back to the USA for example) the first round at Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway on March 11 for the Ross Wright Memorial will still be a spectacular affair.

“Regardless of whether anyone in the field of 36 so far compete in all the rounds of The Chase it’s still quite a feat just to qualify,” says USC spokesman Steven Green, “we still have several events to go where drivers can score points towards entry. It’s going to be exciting to see whoever else gets in.”

There are three remaining events of USC before The Chase between Murray Bridge and Parramatta and they include:

February 18 Valvoline Raceway NSW
February 25 Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway SA
March 4 Valvoline Raceway NSW

The Chase then commences and concludes on the following dates and venues:

March 11 Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway SA
March 12 Premier Speedway Warrnambool VIC
March 18 Valvoline Raceway NSW
March 25 Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Toowoomba QLD
April 1 Valvoline Raceway NSW
April 8 Ultimate Sprintcar Championship Grand Final Valvoline Raceway NSW
April 14 USC QLD Final Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Toowoomba QLD
April 16 USC VIC Final Premier Speedway Warrnambool VIC


Aidan Hall (SA)
Andrew Scheuerle (Qld)
Brad Keller (SA)
Brad Sweet (USA)
Brooke Tatnell (NSW)
Carson Macedo (USA)
Darren Mollenoyux (Vic)
David Murcott (Vic)
David Whell (QLD)
Grant Anderson (Vic)
Ian Madsen (NSW)
James McFadden (NT)
James Thompson (NSW)
Jamie Veal (Vic)
Jason Johnson (USA)
Jye O'Keefe (Vic)
Kasey Jahne (USA)
Kerry Madsen (NSW)
Kevin Titman (Qld)
Kyle Hirst (USA)
Kyle Larson (USA)
Luke Dillon (SA)
Luke Oldfield (Qld)
Matt Dumesny (NSW)
Matt Egel (SA)
Max Dumesny (NSW)
Max Johnston (NSW)
Mick Sauer (QLD)
Peter Lack (Qld)
Robert Farr (NSW)
Sam Walsh (NSW)
Shane Stewart (USA)
Shaun Dobson (Tas)
Steven Lines (SA)
Troy Little (NSW)
Warren Ferguson (NSW)

More information will follow on the remaining inductees for The Chase in weeks ahead.

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