Ultimate Sprintcar Championship



Robbie Farr is in a position to create history this Saturday night at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

The gritty veteran can steer his ECP Racing #7 Cool into the record books by possibly winning both the USC Chase Series and the NSW USC Championship in the one season.

With crewmembers Nick Speed and Neil Kelly the trio could also possibly steal an incredible three-title feat with the QLD USC Championship also up for grabs at Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Toowoomba.
Milperra born and bred but Gold Coast based Farr has a narrow lead in both the USC NSW and USC Chase Series as the final round of Sprintcars for the 2016/2017 season at Valvoline Raceway is held this Saturday night April 8.
He also leads the USC QLD narrowly ahead of Brisbane throttle stomper Luke Oldfield as the Championship comes down to the wire on Easter Good Friday.
There are no less than six different drivers who could score the USC QLD win.
With eight main event successes this season and with the possibility of the three USC crowns has he done anything different?

“Nothing wholesale in terms of changes,” Farr explains, “this year is probably a mirror of our consistency last season to be honest. We haven’t changed anything too dramatically we’ve just cemented our position. There hasn’t been any set strategy to do that, we’ve just worked hard and it’s paid off.”

Farr’s closest adversaries in The Chase Series this Saturday night are Sydneysider Sam Walsh and Tasmanians Shaun Dobson with Walsh suffering a body blow last Saturday when he was crashed out of the main event whilst looking at a possible podium finish.

Had he been able to finish in the top three whilst points leader Farr finished a disappointing ninth it may have really put the pressure on this Saturday.

“Sammy” also sits in third place in the USC Championship just two points behind the ever-consistent and 2015 Track Champion James Thompson in second place.

Whilst Walsh has scored several main event wins and last Saturday night re-set his own one lap track record Thompson has consistently flown under the radar in his black and green #22 machine.

USC Chase Points

Robbie Farr 570
Sam Walsh 523
Shaun Dobson 506
Max Dumesny 470
Darren Mollenoyux 434
Jamie Veal 416
Matt Dumesny 406
James Thompson 146

USC NSW Points

Robbie Farr 1970
James Thompson 1878
Sam Walsh 1876
Max Dumesny 1844
Matt Dumesny 1770
Warren Ferguson 1684
Troy Little 1678
Shaun Dobson 1666
Max Johnston 1664
Jackson Delamont 1620
Toby Bellbowen 1606
Ben Atkinson 1602
Grant Tunks 1570
Marcus Dumesny 1500
Daniel Sayre 1496
Matt Smith 1424
Alex Orr 1402
Jordyn Brazier 1356
Jay Waugh 1320
Michael Saller 1296

Some 55 cars have entered the final round of the USC Chase and USC NSW Championship this Saturday night at Valvoline Raceway including:

ACT 2 Atkinson Ben
N 3 Craft David
S 4 Walker Lisa
N 5 Thomas Dean
NQ 5 Reidy Danny
V 5 Dumesny Max
N 6 Geering Matt
N 7 Bellbowen Toby
Q 7 Farr Robbie
N 10 Stirton Luke
N 16 Sayre Daniel
N 17 Perovich Marty
N 18 Stanshall Guy
S 20 Sutherland Glen
ACT 21 Dobson Shaun
NQ 21 Brazier Jordyn
N 22 Thompson James
Q 23 McHugh Lachlan
N 24 Skipper Blake
N 28 Campbell Darryl
N 31 Davis Jason
N 32 Ferguson Warren
ACT 35 Anthony Kaitlyn
N 35 AJ Fairbairn
V 35 Veal Jamie
N 38 Johnston Max
N 40 McInerney Chris
N 41 Lawler Jeff
N 42 Rooke Bradley
N 43 Orr Alex
N 45 Thomas Matthew
N 46 Galliford Stacey
N 47 Dumesny Marcus
N 48 Delamont Jackson
N 52 Attard Mark
N 53 Attard Jessie
N 54 Tunks Grant
N 55 Becker Kim
N 56 Saller Mick
ACT 57 Scorgie Brendan
N 57 Dumesny Matthew
ACT 58 Ware Cameron
N 61 Matchett Mick
N 69 Elliott Ayden
N 71 O'Hehir Courtney
ACT 75 Hart Damien
N 77 Dumesny Mitchell
N 81 Lagerlow Graham
N 89 Seton Robert
N 92 Walsh Sam
N 95 Pickens Michael
N 96 White Bruce
N 97 Vassall Danny
N 98 Blyton Mark

Gates open at 2pm this Saturday, April 8.
Hot laps then qualifying commences from 5.15pm.
Also on the program this Saturday are Legend Cars and Lightning Sprints.

Valvoline Raceway is located at 21 Wentworth Street Clyde.

You can like VR on Facebook or check out www.valvolineraceway.com.au

Adults $30
Pension $20
Juniors (13-15yrs) $15
Family (2 adults/2jrs) $70
Kids 12 and under free
Ends release…

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