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Reinhardt registers desire for Down Under Sprintcar duty

American Sprintcar livewire Kyle Reinhardt has been itching to get behind the wheel in Australia for two years now and this time around wants to make that dream a reality.

Since befriending Wade Aunger and Brad Doty (where he previously worked with Doty for a Sprintcar Build TV concept with "The Cushion") at Knoxville in 2015 Reinhardt has expressed a genuine desire to race in the USC Down Under.

"I keep up to date with a lot of USC and Australian Sprintcar racing", Kyle confesses, "I'm very committed to racing down there if I can find someone interested in me driving their racecar."

Reinhardt keeps up to date with the action at Parramatta, Toowoomba and Murray Bridge Speedways through social media and the occasional Clayperview event and knows that rides are limited in Australia.

"It's the same here," he explains, "everyone wants to drive a Sprintcar in the USA or Australia or even New Zealand. In the end I think it comes down to how bad you want it and what you can bring to the table. I work hard on both those things."

The Neptune City (New Jersey) 24 year old competes in the hotbed of Central Pennsylvania action each week.

"Central PA" is home to some of the toughest weekly competition in the world. With names like Bobby Allen, Keith Kauffman, Steve and Stevie Smith, Lance Dewease and Fred Rahmer thrown around constantly, the talent coming out of the area has never been questioned.

Until this year hopefully Reinhardt has never truly had a ‘breakout’ opportunity since moving up to the 410 division.

As a driver, this can disrupt any potential rhythm.

Not for Kyle.

In two starts this year aboard the Wayne Quackenbush Capitol Renegade #91, Reinhardt has looked not only like he is in mid-season form, but also like he's been working with the #91 team for decades. Neither of which are true. The Quackenbush #91 has been a regular in Central Pennsylvania for the past three years and in 30+ starts, the car’s best finish ever was 16th.

In Reinhardt’s first night out at Susquehanna Speedway against the Pennsylvania Posse, the #91 won its first ever race of any kind as Kyle piloted the car to a heat race victory.

After establishing a three-second lead the advantage was then wiped out by a caution on lap four and then unfortunately a botched slide job by a rival saw the #91 end up on its lid.

Kyle was the car to beat in a field that saw Lance Dewease, Greg Hodnett, Freddie Rahmer and the rest of the Pennsylvania Posse in attendance.

It was another 28 days before Reinhardt was able to get behind a 410 sprint car, once again at Susquehanna Speedway with the Pennsylvania Posse. In time trials, the spindle nut broke and sent the right front wheel flying. In what seemed destined to be a disaster, Reinhardt muscled the three-wheeled car to rest with minimal damage. With no time trial lap registered, he was behind the eight ball all night. In a 30-lap feature that had one caution, he picked up the hard-charger award by storming from 22nd to ninth.

Kyle’s best 410 finish to date is a second place run behind Lucas Wolfe at Williams Grove Speedway and best time trial effort of 4th at Selinsgrove Speedway during Pennsylvania Speedweek.

Both career bests came in the Scott McClaren owned #21. During his time aboard the 21, legendary crew chief Steve Smith turned the wrenches and mentored Kyle. Reinhardt’s best World of Outlaw finish came at New Egypt Speedway aboard the #7 owned by Ed Aikin.

In today’s day and age, drivers have seemingly become ‘helmet-bag carriers’ – by showing up to the track, driving the car and go home.

Reinhardt does not fit in the category. He and his brother, David, did full-maintenance on the 21 car and continue to set-up the #91 with the help of the Quackenbush’s. They set the car up themselves, adapt to the track as it changes, clean the car and do whatever it takes to make the car perform to its highest capabilities.

Away from the track, Reinhardt just graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

The opportunity to race for an Australian car owner during our Aussie season is something he wouldn't take for granted.

"It'd be a dream come true," Kyle says, "I can look at bringing some of our relationships over here with me to Australia and I'm keen to give it 120%. I can even bring my brother David to spanner the car so that we're the complete package. If anyone's interested in having me drive their car I'd love to hear from them."

Prospective car owners can contact Reinhardt through:

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Kyle Reinhardt Racing
Twitter: @kylereinhardt21

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