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The Charlton Speedway Club has welcomed a new Executive after its recent AGM, and according to Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Events Manager Ben Bishop, the elected team will inject a timely dose of fresh energy into the future of speedway in the city.

“We are heading into the third season with the venue under the management of Made Too Go Pty Ltd, and the goal was always to win back the city of Toowoomba to speedway, and now with the new team heading up the Speedway Club, there’s a fresh sense of excitement about the venue really facilitating racing for local competitors. This is excellent.”

“Speedway in Toowoomba is made up of three organisations with different roles. Firstly, there’s Downs Speedway Club who own the venue and then lease it to Made Too Go Pty Ltd owned by Barry and Felicity Waldron, while Charlton Speedway Club Inc is purely a club that local racers belong to. What’s amazing is that there’s a great relationship between all three parties and that’s why the sport is really growing in the Darling Downs.”

Headed by likable commentator and former Maryborough track manager, Ryan Harris, the new Charlton Speedway club is chomping at the bit to re-establish track championships and an end-of-season dinner for all divisions that have enough drivers from the area, and also bring back the sense of local camaraderie that glues the sport together.

Harris was quick to echo Bishop’s sentiments, believing that nothing could stop the sport growing in the Darling Downs with the level of unity shared between the organisations.
“All three organisations want the same thing, and we all play a different role in that goal, so to have this sort of solidarity is gold, and we need to do everything we can to protect and develop it so that we can continue to establish the sport in the area for the generations to come.

Downs Speedway Club President Doug Schultz was also excited about the developments, particularly in light of the younger generation wanting to be involved in the administration of the sport.

“It’s wonderful to see new people putting up their hand to make these clubs work. Many of the people who have now retired from their roles like Graham Erhart, Angella Peardon and Joe Ramia have been doing those jobs for so long because other were a bit shy to take the responsibility, but the new breath of life from Barry and Felicity Waldron has really stirred up a lot of enthusiasm and it’s fantastic.”

The new season begins on September 9 with a practice event for all divisions before Sepetmber 23 for the Season opening "Toowoomba Chronicle Carnival of Power" featuring Ultimate Sprintcars, Modified Sedans and Formula 500s.

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